Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jeff's Bio

My name is Jeff Genova and I am a runner.  Sounds like AA, well I am an addict.  I love to run.  I love the freedom.  I love the people.  I lust for the trails.  But sometimes I love it too much it takes over my life and I need to check my priorities at the door and reign my zest back in.

I have been running for 18+ years.  I started after an injury forced me to retire from my first love Lacrosse where I looked at running as a punishment.  I remember the first day I went out for a run for pleasure and not for punishment.  It was after about a 1 year layoff of any exercise and was far from being in good shape.  I made it 1/4 mile and I was spent!  Since that time I have run five 100 mile races (two of which I only made it 93.5 miles and 99.1 miles but, that is a story for another day).  I have run 26 marathons in 15 states with my last at the Boston Marathon this last April with Tom.

I am currently on the mend from ankle surgery this past December.  I received 75 Kevlar stitches and a skin graph from a cadaver.  The surgery was the result of a two running accidents.  I get to start back running on Monday March 7th.  I can not wait!  I have a goal of running a 100 mile race this fall and the blog will be a great place to tell everyone about my road from zero to 100 miles.

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